FIXED PRICE: One reader suggests there should be a fixed price for water allocation.
FIXED PRICE: One reader suggests there should be a fixed price for water allocation. Contributed

YOUR SAY: Drought stricken farmer speaks out

WHEN I drive across my small drought battered block unable to feed my small herd of bovines I envy the Bundaberg region cane farmers who pour mega litres of water onto their crop.

I only wish that I could pump a few litres onto my withering grass.

Although I envy, I do not begrudge irrigators their water allocations.

They need it to make even a small living and I commiserate with them on rising power prices to access their water allocations.

Having given it some thought I suggest that like water, power should be allocated at a fixed price depending on the water allocation.

For example: the median cost of power to pump 1 cumec is $X; the farm's water allocation is Y mega litres requiring Z kilowatts of power available to the farmer at a fixed price.

Market prices to determine excess power costs.

Farmer and other primary producers are "price takers" not "price makers."

The government should guarantee fixed costs to farmers creating a level playing field by allowing farmers to plan accurately and efficiently.

Primary producers are most maligned and least supported industries in Australia.

The subsidies to car-makers, aluminium smelters and the multi million litre water subsidies to the mining industry could be better spent on maintaining the agricultural and pastoral industries.

When farmers irrigate their land they leave improved pastures not barren gaping holes in the ground.

When was the last time we saw a quarry or open cut mine filled in and rehabilitated?