Support flows for fisherman fined for trespassing

A GLADSTONE fisherman who says many of the region's best fishing spots are being lost to industry and port encroachment is receiving plenty of support online.

Pacer Schefe faced Gladstone Magistrates Court this week after being charged with trespass while fishing from a restricted area at Fisherman's Landing, Yarwun.

Schefe, 36, has fished around Gladstone since he was a boy and said it was "just wrong" that good fishing spots were being taken away.

Commenting on The Observer's Facebook page, Leah Jett Chynoweth-Tidy said it was a shame access was being gradually narrowed all around Gladstone.

"I used to love fishing off the "dolphin" wharf for flathead as a kid along MacFarlane Drive," she said.

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"Sadly GPA put gates up some years later so could no longer fish there."

Steve Smith agreed the best fishing spots were being lost.

"It's the same fishing off wharves. I (and alot of people) grew up fishing off wharves. But this is just another thing that kids today just can't do," he said.

Sam and Brett Baldwin also agreed, saying that while the security was necessary, it was a shame the public couldn't access the coastline.

"Maybe the industries could have some fenced off areas where the public could access to fish," they suggested.

Other comments included:

Sandra Howe: Yes I agree, and public roads are now usurped by corporations for commercial use.

This limits the public's access to public land. Surely council ensured that compensation was sufficient to fill the coffers.

Sarah Rookes: I hear the town harp on about how great the 'industry' is...only today - while it pays your bills.

What about tomorrow when your kids have no parks to play in, no cooling shade from a towering ol' tree, when the soil is too contaminated to grow in?? What then?

David Weir: If the GPC had their way nobody would be permitted to put a toe in the water off "their" land.

Sometimes you just have to apply the Nike principle and just do it. Maybe a few hundred of us should all go together.

That'd keep the court busy!

Lisa Plumbe: The Boyne Smelter has "claimed" a lot of land that we used to ride motorbikes on as kids.

A man has been fined for fishing from restricted land at Yarwun, a spot he had used for years. He says many of the best...

Posted by The Observer on Tuesday, June 9, 2015