Brooke Sheridan won the Yaralla Sports Star back in 2017.
Brooke Sheridan won the Yaralla Sports Star back in 2017. Mike Richards GLA200417STAR

Suns' camp experience has impressed Gold Coast coaches

AUSSIE RULES: There's more joy for the AFL Capricornia women's football fraternity.

Gladstone Suns' Tierney Burke and BITS Saints' Brooke Sheridan have been selected in the Gold Coast Suns Talent Academy North Queensland under-16 squad.

Tierney Burke playing for the Gladstone Mudcrabs against the Glenmore Bulls in the under-13s at Clinton Oval.  Photo Jake Jones / The Observer
Tierney Burke playing for the Gladstone Mudcrabs against the Glenmore Bulls in the under-13s at Clinton Oval back in 2015. Jake Jones

The pair attended the Summer Development Camp in Cooee Bay last month and Tierney said to be picked is what she had aimed to do.

"Being picked in the Suns Talent Academy means a lot to me," she said.

"This is because it makes me very excited about progressing in my AFL career and it makes me feel very proud of myself with all of the hard work I put into training to improve my skills with the ball and running."

She said she has improved her aerobic capacity and can now get out of trouble in a game with her kicking which is something she has worked on.

"Over the past 12 months I have improved in my kicking," she said.

"At the start of the year my kicking needed improvement and because of all the hard work at training, I have improved in my kicking skills a lot.

"I have also improved a lot in my fitness from doing the Gladstone Park runs every Saturday morning. From all of this training my left foot kicking has improved a lot. Now I have the skill to kick with both feet."

The well-spoken Tierney said that the coaches at the development camp have given her sound advice and feedback on other skills.

"The coaches gave me lots of feedback on the skill of picking the ball up from off the ground. I have improved a lot on this skill," she said.

"A saying the coaches taught me was 'get your fingernails dirty' which means I have to keep my hands close to the ground to scoop the ball up into my arms.

"The coaches also told me to follow through after I kick the ball. After a lot of practice at home, I always follow through my kicks now."


Tierney Burke

What things did the camp entail?

At the camp we did a lot of fitness and speed testing. I went very well in these areas at the camp from all of my running practice at home. We practiced the skills of kicking, handballing, running at the ball and picking it up off of the ground. On the Saturday and Sunday afternoons we played a 9 aside game of football. I went very well in the games. At the camp we had very delicious meals following by a great night sleep.

Who has helped you with your footy at the Gladstone sons and Representatives for the most?

The people who have helped me with my footy over the years and especially this year is Trevor Black who was my under 13 coach this year. He has encouraged me to do my best with his amazing friendliness which has lifted my whole spirit in AFL. My dad has also guided me a lot by helping me improve on all of the skills needed to play the game.

What position do you play?

The position I play is wing because I love running up and down the field. This is because I am a great runner.

What other sports do you play?

I also do athletics on Saturday mornings. I like athletics because I can get out of my house and meet new friends and have a laugh while trying my hardest to win every single event.

Who do you follow in the AFL?

I like the Richmond Tigers or the Sydney Swans. I look up to Buddy Franklin from the Sydney Swans and Dustin Martin from the Richmond Tigers. I think they are very good role models for young AFL players to look up to.

Brooke Sheridan

More accolades for you Brooke - you must be ecstatic that your footy continues to develop? In what areas do you think you have improved most?

My kicking

Obviously you also play cricket - is there a preferred sport?

Definitely football.

Are you confident you can play in the AFLW next few years and follow Megan Hunt's footsteps?

That is my goal.

Have you met Megan and if so, has she given u advice at all?

I haven't met Megan although both mum and dad know her and her whole family.

She sent me an inspirational video earlier in the year about her comeback after injury that helped me heaps after my injuries.

I've seen you play forward, do you hope to play midfield in the future or prefer kicking goals like you had been for BITS U13s?

I'd love to play midfield.

Is there a preferred club to aim to play for in AFLW for yourself or does it matter which club chooses you if it happens?

As long as I can play footy, I would play for any club.

Who's helped you out most with your footy?

My dad Troy is my hero. He is always helping me, day after day.

But I'd also have to say my U13's coach of the past three years Tim Boston.

He has pushed me to be a better player.