FULL PROGRAM: Sunday HookUp: What's on and when

>> PHOTOS: Day 1

>> PHOTOS: Day 2

>> PHOTOS: The Boats of the 2015 HookUp

HERE'S how the day will pan out at the Boyne Tannum HookUp today, Sunday.

8.00am Link Live Radio

9.00 Live Music Fulla Boys

10.00 Fish weigh in

11.30 Filleting Demo

12.00 Cooking Show - Andy Phipps

12.30 Capricorn Helicopter Rescue great duck race

1.30 Link Live Radio

1.35 Gamakatsu Simulators Show, Suzuki Show, Garmin show

2.00 Fish weigh in

2.30 Link Live Radio

2.30 Engels Fishing Show (Bare Foot Fisherman)

4.00 Filleting Demo (Hodgy - Barefoot fisherman)

4.30 Cooking Show - Andy Phipps

4.45 Update scoreboard

5.15 Live Music

5.30 HookUp Daily Barrel Prizes

6.00 Daily Bar Draw

6.00 Draw the raffle Engle Fridge

6.10 Draw Fish of the day Sponsored by - Frogley's Offshore

6.15 Announce Daily Category winners Category

6.17 Overall Category winners;

6.30 Junior Winners and Senior Winners