Happy client of Johnny Mitchell's Gary with this awesome King or Threadfin Salmon caught last week.
Happy client of Johnny Mitchell's Gary with this awesome King or Threadfin Salmon caught last week. Contributed

Sunday good for fishing as wind drops out

THIS year is nearly done. There's another 10 days until the big fella turns up and just after that we'll be welcoming in 2013.

For those who have yet to decide what to buy for Christmas, last week's catalogues were chock full of ideas and excellent specials right across the local tackle and chandlery shops in Gladstone.

Noel Patrick's Cruising the Curtis Coast is still one of the most favourite local knowledge books around, apart from Jim Purcell's local knowledge boating nights, which he conducts from the VMR building down beside the Flinders Parade boat ramp.

Noel Patrick's book has every entrance to all the creeks bays and rivers in this region plus anchorages out on the reef and beyond.

These past few days have been very ordinary with massive tides and strong southeasterlies producing some wild conditions out on the harbour. These huge tidal flows came as we built up to the new moon which was last night and these will continue through until Monday when they drop off a bit.

The wind on Sunday, though, is predicted to drop out and those three or four days around the new moon are among my favourite time to fish, especially the last couple of hours of the run in tide and also the last couple of the run out.

The region is fishing well at the moment, with plenty of king salmon (threadfin) about along with big grunter, flathead, big bream, summer whiting and mangrove jack.

Out wide over this weekend will be good fishing but the sea conditions might be a little lumpy.

Places like Sykes, Lamont, Fitzroy Reefs, should all fish well.Douglas, Guthrie, and Innamincka shoals should also fish well, especially those drop-offs between the two areas.

In close, those chasing the whiting would be best to fish around the inside of Southend, all along Facing Island inshore, The Lillies beach, Colosseum, 7 Mile, Turkey Beach/Rodds Harbour, and 1770 Creek.

There are still plenty of jack around the snags in the Calliope and up through Grahams Creek.

The likes of Hamilton Point and Tide Island have some good jack and fingermark hanging around too.

Reports that people are getting quality crabs are becoming quite regular right across the whole region but we still have some people who are too lazy to get their own pots and are flogging the catch from someone else's.

Just as a warning to those who do that: I wouldn't like to be in your shoes if you got caught.

I see the chief executive of the GAPDL has been promoting the Boyne Tannum HookUp while across the ditch on holiday, in front of the big salmon at the Rakaia River, in New Zealand. Onya Glenn, we need more photos like this.

Plenty of places around our region to go this weekend folks, so get out there and get into it.