Sun Valley site to be cleared for Tigalee Creek works

SITE clearing around the Tigalee Creek detention basin at Sun Valley in Gladstone will start midway through June in preparation for stage two construction works from the end of the month.

Gladstone region Mayor Gail Sellers said residents would notice more work activity in the area in coming weeks in the lead up to the $2.5 million fully funded project under the State Government 2012-13 Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

The Tigalee project's final stage two works are expected to take three months and will involve relocation of the existing sewer main, extension of the retention basin, drainage works and car parks.

In addition, footpath works will be carried out to link two sections of the park followed by landscaping and hydro-mulching.

"The relevant environmental approvals have been received and arrangements are currently being made for the necessary site preparations," Cr Sellers said.

"On site safety fencing will be erected late next week with tree clearing work scheduled for mid-June."

About 60 trees will be removed from a 4000 to 5000m2 area to enable works.

"Every effort will be made to recycle the trees for reuse on the site and wildlife spotters will be on site for fauna protection," Cr Sellers said.

"To offset the loss of established trees, on completion of the project council will provide landscaping to enhance the area, implementing measures for erosion control on embankments and sediment management through filtration."

Approaches to public safety, noise, dust and sediment control, and project work start and finish times will be in accordance with the relevant Acts.

"Consideration will be given to nearby residents, disruptions to normal traffic flow in the vicinity will be kept to a minimum and arrangements will be in place for pedestrians," Cr Sellers said.

"Site establishment will then be followed by the sewer relocation and erosion and sediment control works with bulk earthworks and truck activity to start at the end of June.

"The project will enable current detention basin capabilities to be enhanced, complemented by an open space parkland design enabling safer pedestrian access to adjacent streets with a new car park providing safer off-road access." 

Stage 1 works were completed in 2012 jointly funded by the three tiers of government.

Work involved creation of a detention basin designed for flood mitigation and reducing the risk of downstream flooding during heavy rainfall events.

"A flood study was carried out by independent consultants in 2006 which proposed to manage the flood heights by constructing a retarding basin and levee banks along Tigalee Creek," Cr Sellers said.

"The detention basin design aims to alleviate the effects of flooding while maintaining a visually appealing area with major consideration given to erosion measures and minimal environmental impact."

Overall the Tigalee Creek project has the ability to directly benefit about 900 properties, mainly residential with improvement of flood immunity in the area potentially assisting 6000 properties through prevention of infiltration of flood waters into the sewerage system.