MENACE: Because of their toxicity when ingested, cane toads pose a real threat to native predators.
MENACE: Because of their toxicity when ingested, cane toads pose a real threat to native predators. Max Fleet BUN010216TOAD1

Summertime is toad busting time

YOU'RE not a true local if you haven't at some stage accidentally stepped on a cane toad in the dark.

Unfortunately for us, and for the native wildlife of our region, cane toads have become a part of life.

But Conservation Volunteers Australia are fighting back.

In partnership with Gladstone Region Council, CVA have kicked off their annual summer Toad Buster campaign.

Linda Fahle, CVA's regional manager has been organising the campaign for 16 years.

"We were one of the first places to start Toad Busters, so it's a uniquely Gladstone experience," she said.

Ms Fahle, said the toad capture evenings were a hit with children. Many parents over the years have extended their thanks to the CVA team for thoroughly tiring their kids out.

"Last week 26 people turned up at the Tondoon Botanic Gardens," Ms Fahle said.

"They caught 461 toads, and that's in an hour.

"The kids were just getting started."

This cane toad season, as well as capturing adult toads, CVA have made traps for cane toad tadpoles.

The University of Queensland has been working in partnership with other organisations to successfully produce a bait that attracts cane toad tadpoles.

"It's really environmentally friendly, it only attracts cane toad tadpoles," Ms Fahle said.

She said children were given a comprehensive safety lesson before being set loose on the toads.

Interestingly, Ms Fahle observed that in her time toad busting, the general trend seemed to be that toads of the Gladstone region were getting smaller.


Tuesday December 19 - Beaumont Park, Gladstone 5-8pm

Tuesday January 9 - Canoe Wetlands Tannum Sands 5-8pm

Wear sturdy closed in shoes and bring: water bottle and a head torch

Children under 15 must be supervised by an adult.

For more information phone Linda on 0418 630 503. Bookings not required.