Sue creates jewellery for keeps at summer school

Sue Musgrave at McGregor Summer School.
Sue Musgrave at McGregor Summer School. Nev Madsen

SUE MUSGRAVE is a creative lady who loves to make pieces that one day may become family heirlooms.

She's even come prepared and started some pieces early for her Cloisonné Enamelling Workshop with Carolyn Delzoppo at the University of Southern Queensland's McGregor Summer School.

Mrs Musgrave, of Toowoomba, said as she'd been to the summer school four times before and she knew exactly what she could do at home to get a head start on the class on the weekend.

"It's a bit of a process, but I fit the wire and then filled it with powdered glass and fired it about four times," she said.

"Now I'm grinding it down.

"There's a lot involved in it (cloisonné) and it's not for the instant gratification junkies."

Mrs Musgrave said she really enjoyed coming to the university's yearly art school and making jewellery that might be passed down in her family one day.

"I come here mainly for the jewellery and it's a nice holiday activity," she said.

"It's nice to be with like-minded people too."