Moura's got some fresh new paint
Moura's got some fresh new paint Sam Wilkinson

LOOK UP: Stunning water tower artwork turns heads

ARTIST Sam Wilkinson needed a high risk, boom lift license to pull off this dare devil artwork, but the results speak for themselves.

A jaw-dropping painting of a pink galah on a water tower brings beauty to the bush.

Soaring 18m high, the artwork in Moura, about 180km west from Gladstone, is best captured at dusk according to the Brisbane artists, Sam and his girlfriend Xana Denruyter.

The art on the Dawson Highway behind the Rotary park has been funded by the Queensland Government's Works for Queensland program.

The Brisbane based visual artists, LEANS, watched as up to 30 drivers a day would stop to take a photo.

Using only spray paint and a couple of cans of house paint the pair painted the enormous water tower canvas in just five days, working from morning to night.


Moura's got some fresh new paint
Moura's got some fresh new paint Sam Wilkinson

"The most surreal part was when we were painting pink galahs would actually come and perch on the boom lift and fly around us," Sam, 23 said.

"I think that's when we knew it was the best choice of painting for the community and it gave us some great real-life inspiration."

The pair have been travelling to regional towns across Queensland, including Roma and Stanthorpe to bring water tanks, like the one in Moura, to life.

"We were approached by Biloela's art gallery to do something with the tower," he said.

"My style is usually abstract but this realistic style was a perfect fit for the town.

"The hardest part was manoeuvring the boom lift around the tower.

"On a straight wall it's a lot easier."

Sam said the pair's spray paint machine didn't make it to Moura but they were lucky to hire the only one in Biloela for the job.

"I think my favourite part of the artwork is the sky. It was definitely the most technical part," he said.

"If you want to get a great shot I suggest going at sunset."

Banana Shire arts and cultural officer Shanna Muston said the artwork has strengthened the local pride. 

"This project bring energy and colour to our landscapes," Ms Muston said.

"The result leaves a cultural tourism assets for our community and visitors to enjoy and brings Moura into the conversation and excitement that is happening nationally around large scale, contemporary artworks in regional areas."