Visitors and residents enjoy learning about Gladstone's 'industrial tourism' (Fluroism) on a Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited (GPCL) tour.
Visitors and residents enjoy learning about Gladstone's 'industrial tourism' (Fluroism) on a Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited (GPCL) tour. Contributed

Studies reveal concern mining will affect beauty of town

GLADSTONE has been a hotbed for researchers in the past year, with the town being picked apart in the name of research.

Researchers have looked at the booming construction phase of the LNG projects and their effects on business, tourism and individuals.

Results of research by Griffith and Southern Cross universities found many Gladstone people were concerned at the impact of mining on the beauty of the town.

Meanwhile, businesses were described as "resilient" as part of Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Boom or Bust survey.

Dr Char-lee McLennan said her research showed the tourism and mining sectors had been attempting to develop synergies to overcome points of conflict, mainly by funding community and tourism ventures.

But some respondents said mining should also help with marketing, city beautification and involvement in a long-term joint vision for the two sectors.

"Many people were concerned that mining has such a short life span so they worry when they withdraw from the region, and tourism comes back, how to manage the beautification of the region in the long term," she said.

The Boom or Bust study confirmed businesses were "bent, compressed or stretched", with more than 50% of businesses benefiting through increased customers, income and new products and service; coupled with more than 50% of businesses saying they had incurred higher costs, wages and increased competition.

Latest research:

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  • What: Studying the effects of the gas boom on the local region.
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Do you think mining and tourism can work together in Gladstone?

This poll ended on 05 April 2014.

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Yes. There are plenty of people who find our industry interesting


Yes, but only if mining companies clean up after themselves


No. We should focus on promoting the region's coastal areas


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