Kyle Whittingham
Kyle Whittingham

Students teach them a lesson in a fun game for a top cause

TOUCH: If youngster Heath Lindenmayer had it his way, he'd award the teachers free penalties at the Teachers versus Students Touch match yesterday afternoon.

Jon Voltz bolts
Jon Voltz bolts

It was all part of the Trinity College Footy Colours day in which proceeds went towards the Fight Cancer Foundation.

"I wasn't a biased referee but I'd get a free sausage from the teachers if I'd penalise the students' team," Heath said cheekily.

The day was also part of the college's business curriculum studies which encompasses event planning, objectives and management.

Star representative players included sister and brother Zoe and Mack Geiger and the pair literally ran rings around the teachers.

"It was quite funny and I was pretty excited to have to play against the teachers," Zoe said.

Teacher Yolande Van Eaden said the six-a-side game was for a great cause in which monies were raised from coffee made by Trinity's barista students, a Woolworths-sponsored sausage sizzle, students wearing their favourite footy jersey or guernseys and a lucky dip sponsored by Hog's Breath.

"It's all about being able to support people with cancer and was encouraging to see kids taking on the teachers in a touch football game," Van Eaden said.

"It was very exciting to be on board."

Another competition that took place, albeit not as physically exerting, was a colouring-in competition during the lunch break which was sponsored by Sportspower Gladstone.

Trinity College has produced a number of top-quality athletes across a range of sports under its various elite sports programs.