FUTURE TOWN PLANNERS? Madison Hamono and Kealey Geddy both agree the land has great potential for development.
FUTURE TOWN PLANNERS? Madison Hamono and Kealey Geddy both agree the land has great potential for development. Julia Bartrim

Students decide how to develop barren 'West Shores'

PINBALL machines and a teenage hangout, a community garden, park lands, or a stage and open air food markets.

There's no shortage of ideas for use of the vacant lot on Pitt St between the fish markets and Yacht Club.

Students from Tannum Sands State High's Year 11 geography class had the opportunity to discuss how they would like to see the vacant land used yesterday when they went on an excursion accompanied by town planners from Gladstone Regional Council.


Year 11 Geography class of Tannum Sands State High School on an excursion to Gladstone marina.
The students brought imagi na tion to the table. Julia Bartrim

Student Madison Hamono said "it's really good, having the council here is helpful, they tell us all different stuff that normally you wouldn't think about".

She rated the current land use a 3/10, which was more generous than her other classmates who gave the current land use a 2/10.

"It's not used for much, it's not much of a view, it could be utilised more," she said.

Her favourite option for developing the land was " an open style food court, something that we lack, with a stage area for community events".

Matthew Kelly, the council's acting coordinator of planning services, said it was great to get youth involved in the debate.

"If we can get one town planner out of this lot, we've done a good job!" he laughed.

Unfortunately at this stage, the debate is academic.

How do you think the vacant land should be put to use?

This poll ended on 15 November 2017.

Current Results

Nothing: Keep it the way it is


Go green! Lets get some community gardens


Bring on the food: Let's get our own Eat Street


Extend East Shores precinct


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

"The land is strategic port land, so it's managed and operated by Gladstone Ports Corporation," Mr Kelly said.

"With the development of the Marina and East Shores they've exceeded any community expectations of what they are going to do."

"At the end of the day they're a coal exporter, they are not a community tourism organisation.

"But we think the community would get on board (if they wanted to develop the land)."