Strangers' random acts of kindness restore faith

IT APPEARS there are kind-hearted people running around Toowoomba doing good deeds for people and it is not going unnoticed.

Two mystery good Samaritans offered to pay for strangers' fuel and groceries in two separate instances at the weekend.

On Saturday, pensioner Rose Schultz said she was blown away when a young woman approached her at the Woolworths Highfields check-outs and offered to pay for her groceries.

The total came to $20.60.

Ms Schultz said she was stunned at the kind act.

"I said 'oh, no, no, no thank you but no' and the cashier was ready to accept my card but this lovely young lady reached across in front of me with the money," she said.

"It was almost the exact cash too. I think the lady was waiting for someone with $20 worth of groceries to help out.

"It all happened so quickly - she paid, gave me a hug and a kiss and disappeared before I could get my thoughts together to even ask her name or suggest there would surely be someone more in need.

"The cashier was also in shock because she had never seen such a kind gesture while at work.

"My daughter said she heard there was a movement in Toowoomba at the moment involving a group of people trying to something good for someone every day.

"I don't know if this was part of that movement but it was really lovely."

Ms Schultz said she was so grateful and wanted to meet the young woman.

"I would love to meet you again to express my thanks for your loving kindness to an old lady," she said.

Matthew Geach was at the Drayton BP at 38 Brisbane St when someone paid for his fuel.
Matthew Geach was at the Drayton BP at 38 Brisbane St when someone paid for his fuel.

But it wasn't the only act of kindness at the weekend.

Last night on the other side of town, Matthew Geach was at the Drayton BP at 38 Brisbane St when he encountered a young stranger who restored his faith in humanity.

After filling up his car with $30 worth of fuel, he headed to the counter to pay for it.

But a P-plater who he had seen at the bowsers briefly turned to him and told him he had already paid for his fuel.

"I couldn't believe the generosity of this young man. I offered to give him the money back but he kindly kept declining," he said.

"He turned to me and said 'I paid for your fuel because Jesus loves you'.

"I was in shock, I shook his hand and kept thanking him I didn't know what else to do, nothing like this has ever happened to me.

"He was so confident and kind and I could see he was a really nice guy.

"I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for not only paying for my fuel but restoring my faith in humanity."

Mr Geach also shared his story on the Toowoomba Crime Alerts and Discussions Facebook page, where it has gained hundreds of likes and comments.

He said he shared the story in hopes of finding the good Samaritan.

Mr Geach owns Matt's Car Care at 17 Sowden St and wants to offer him a voucher for his services.

"I want to return the favour. I was so shocked I didn't even get his name," he said.

"He can get in touch with me on my work mobile number which is on my Facebook page, 0402256181.

"God bless this wonderful human."

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