Strategy to stop drunken violence a step in right direction

SOMETHING had to be done to stop drunken violence.

And it looks as though we are heading down the right track with the proposal to set up a "safe night" precinct in Gladstone.

For well over a year The Observer has been campaigning to see our city become a safe city at night, especially on weekends.

And the efforts in the past year or so of our police, with funding from industry and help from volunteers, have seen a marked improvement.

The State Government's proposals to go even further must surely be a no-brainer. It's just got to happen.

The problem with drunken violence is an education problem and one of the proposals is to introduce compulsory alcohol and drug education programs in our schools from Year 7-12.

That will help in the long term, but the hope is that the immediate improvement will come from the other measures, such as tougher penalties, the creation of specific safe zones.

It's just sad that these measures have to become law in a civilised society where one would expect the golden rule to apply.