Stolen card used to get $1000 loan to get partner bailed

A DRUG addict who is a prolific thief used a stolen bank card to get a $1000 loan to get her partner out on bail.

Balbinder Kaur Singh, 42, pleaded guilty by video link in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on May 25 to 11 counts of stealing, three of receiving tainted property, two of possessing items suspected of being stolen, three dishonest gain of money, two drug charges, one break and enter and one fraud.

Police prosecutor Jess King said between January 29, 2017 and April 3, 2018, Singh stole a television, set top box, DVD player, $798 nail gun, hair trimmer, watches, glasses, clothing, air bed, hair straightener, perfume, cameras, speakers, a $990 battery charger, bank cards, high chair and other baby items.

"The total loss of this offending is $4628.39," she said.

Singh also made seven transactions on a stolen credit card in February in Cairns totalling $692.43 and nine transactions on stolen credit cards March 28-29 totalling $347.38.

The recidivist offender was on a 12-month intensive corrective order at the time for similar offending which was handed down on December 6, 2016.

Ms King said police searched Singh's residence, which she shared with her partner, on November 10 and found a box disguised as a book, locked, hiding various stolen bank cards, a drivers license and library card.

On March 26, 2017, she stole Prada sunglasses from Laubman and Pank, Cairns, by taking the $350 pair and putting them on her head and putting her own in their place on the shelf.

In September, she stole a television, DVD player and other items loaded into a trolley from Target at Rockhampton's City Centre Plaza.

Ms King said she was intercepted by Target staff on this occasion. Singh told police she shoplifted at least three times a week.

On March 21, 2017, police found Singh going through Lifeline bins.

Ms King said police located five stolen cards - including one Medicare card - among the items Singh had near her. Singh told police they were given to her by someone.

Defence lawyer William Prizeman said the United Kingdom born grandmother developed a drug addiction in her youth which led to the extensive property offending.

"The last six months is the longest she had been drug free," he said.

Magistrate Cameron Press sentenced Singh to 18-months prison, declared 169 days and set her parole release for June 6. He also ordered she pay $2900.33 in restitution.