Sarah Gregor with a flathead she caught in Gladstone Harbour.
Sarah Gregor with a flathead she caught in Gladstone Harbour. DEB FAIRBAIRN

Fishing with... Sarah stoked over first flathead

THIS week we talk about fishing with IGA Sun Valley employee Sarah Gregor.

Name: Sarah Gregor.

Age: 33.

Workplace: Drakes Super IGA SunValley.

What have you got there? A 58cm flathead just near Curtis inside the harbour.

I could still see Gladstone. I was with my friend Deb.

That was our first time because we have only just met but we will be doing it a bit.

What did you catch it with? Banana prawns, they're a lot cheaper than the bait prawns.

Was there much fight? A little bit but more heavy on the line. I was so excited to see what it was because I have never caught one before.

I said to Deb before I left I wanted to catch a fish that is big enough to hold in two hands.

How often do you go fishing? At least once a week, not always on a boat. I go down to East Shores mainly.

Every time I go I catch something different. I've been in Gladstone for three and a half years.

I came from Mount Isa so it's good here because I can actually go fishing; it's a bit hard up there.

Have you always fished? Yes definitely. Even from when I was little I would fish in the creek with my brothers.

What's the best fish you have ever caught? Probably that one.

Did you eat it? I cooked it in the oven with some lemon and olive oil, wrapped it up in foil.

I had it whole for just me, I didn't share with Deb.

That's the first one I have kept, probably because I haven't had the Esky before.

The only other big ones like big rock cod, I threw it back.

Tips for novices? Just give it ago, persevere and try different baits and different areas.

It's not very often I do go out and don't catch anything, even at East Shores. I love it.

Use banana prawns, they are easy to get and easy to use. For me it's my Zen time. It is the best way to relax.