CLOSED DOWN: Biloela's subway has shared the same fate of other branches across the state.
CLOSED DOWN: Biloela's subway has shared the same fate of other branches across the state. Subway Live Feed

Still not clear-cut why Biloela Subway closed

SINCE it's closure around March last year, ex-workers are still perplexed as to why their Subway shop was closed down.

Former Biloela Subway assistant manager Caitlin Luck said she thought it was well-supported.

"I thought for a small town it was really popular and did well sales wise,” Ms Luck said.

"It was a surprise, it caught us off-guard as staff.

"We knew it was slow but we didn't realise it was slow enough to close the shop.

"We may have had an idea looking back but not enough to say we're in trouble, oh dear we have no job.”

Although Subway didn't provide specific reasons for the Biloela branch closure, they remain interested in the region's market.

"Subway is currently investigating locations for a new restaurant in Biloela, which would accommodate a larger restaurant and better meet the needs of our local guests,” a Subway spokesperson said.

"Restaurants changes and relocations occur for a variety of reasons including rental increases, site suitability and convenience, or lease completion.

Serving as assistant manager for almost the entire duration the Biloela branch was open, Ms Luck said staff didn't receive much notice their store was closing.

"It shut down quickly. The staff didn't have a lot of notice that the store was closing down,” Ms Luck said.

"Therefore the town didn't have a lot of notice either.

"We found out the Monday before and then we lost our jobs the following Thursday.

"Not long at all to get our heads around the fact that we won't have a job.”

Research has also shown dining alone has been blamed for the closure of more than 130 Subway outlets across Australia, many in Queensland.

While other fast-food chains promote shared dining to attract groups, Subway has relied on low prices to get people through the door, according to a spokesman for consumer research firm Technomic.

A report from Technomic said there had been a drop in outlets from 1444 in 2015 to 1311 today with more than half of patrons solo diners.