Rockhampton resident Frank Dallavalle has heard and received nothing from the ABS regarding the 2016 Census.
Rockhampton resident Frank Dallavalle has heard and received nothing from the ABS regarding the 2016 Census. Chris Ison ROK230816ccensus2

Still no Census form for Frank

FRANK Dallavalle has been checking his mail box religiously for the past few weeks, waiting for a Census form so he can fill out the paperwork.

It has been over a month since Australian's were meant to either fill out paper forms (if they were without internet at home) or log in online and answer questions for the 2016 Census.

However, many people had not received the log in password or paper form in the mail prior to Census night and the Australian Bureau of Statistics had to shut down the website on the night due to hackers.

Mr Dallavalle is one of those that required a paper form - which he is still waiting to see arrive at his home of 17 years.

Mr Dallavalle said he and his wife had called the Census hotline number about four times, as well and Capricornia MP Michelle Landry's office, about the lack of Census mail, but still had not seen anything arrive in the mail.

"I have seen no papers at all," Mr Dallavalle said.

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry MP said she continued to be frustrated by the 2016 Census debacle and its management by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Although phone calls have dropped off dramatically, Ms Landry said her office was still getting the occasional inquiry from constituents who have applied for a hard-copy of the Census form but are still waiting for it turn up in the post or be delivered by hand by Census staff.

"It now been some time since Census night and there seems to be no good reason why it's taking so long for people to get a form from the ABS when they requested it. It is just not good enough from an organisation as significant and resourced as the ABS," Ms Landry said.

"In many cases, my office went online on behalf of many elderly constituents and helped them fill the ABS form due to their anxiety of requesting a paper copy."

Ms Landry's office continues to follow up on behalf of some seniors who still have not received their form.

A spokesman for Census said they had confirmed Mr Dallavalle's form is on its way.

"Field Officers are working in the area to ensure that everyone has the materials they need to participate in the Census, whether by paper or online."

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