'Oi! F***head! Steroid user pulls gun on driver

A DRIVER feared for his life in a frightening midnight encounter when a Gladstone man behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry brandished a gun, yelling "Oi! F****head".

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The driver, who said it looked like a revolver, ducked down and took evasive action, doing a u-turn to avoid being shot in the encounter at the intersection of Hanson Rd and Dawson Hwy.

The apparent gunman was Dylan James Todd, already charged by police after he, a learner driver, fled from officers late at night in his dad's Mitsubishi ute.

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Dylan Todd has been jailed over going armed in public.
Dylan Todd has been jailed over going armed in public. Facebook

When arrested two days later police found a stash of steroids in Todd's undies. Three vials held testosterone, Trenbolone acetate and sustanon trenbolone, Todd saying he wrapped the steroids in clingwrap in case he went to prison.

Todd, 25, went before Gladstone magistrate Jeffrey Clarke and pleaded guilty to more than 12 drug/steroid, firearms and traffic offences, including failing to stop, assault, possess shortened firearms, going armed to cause fear, wilful damage, and being a learner driver who did not comply with regulations.

With more than 50 criminal entries, Mr Clarke said Todd was living "a lawless life".

"It seems to me you are continuing on a life of crime," Mr Clarke said.

"You must realise it's a wasteful existence being sent to prison time and time again."

Todd was sentenced to 15 months jail with release on parole after five months.

Prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens put to the court that at 11.50pm on March 31 police saw the grey Mitsubishi ute driven in an erratic manner from Kirkwood Rd on to Dixon Dr.

Despite police having used lights and sirens the driver did not stop.

Todd later told police he was in a bad emotional state because he and his girlfriend broke up that day and he had panicked when he saw police.

In the gun incident at 12.15am on May 2, Todd swerved his Camry to the right, forcing the other car to go into the second lane.

The court heard that when Todd stopped beside the car he pointed the gun.

Police out looking for the car saw Todd at 1.10am on Dawson Hwy but he sped off, turning off the headlights in Clinton before the car struck a kerb, damaging a front wheel and deflating the tyre.

Todd ran off and police found a replica gun wrapped in a towel in the car.

When arrested the next day Todd told police he was just driving around being stupid that night. He denied using the gun or being involved in a road-rage incident.

On June 24 police found a modified shortened rifle, ammunition and shotgun shells at Todd's home.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said Todd, a roofer, used drugs since he was 18 but was trying to live healthily and was doing gym work.