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Stephen Hawking in Reddit's longest-running Ask Me Anything

STEPHEN Hawking is hosting his first Reddit AMA this week - but it's got one big difference.

The online community is known for the regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) feature, where celebrities or notable people log-on and field questions from users.

Previous AMAs have included Madonna, Peter Dinklage and Barack Obama.

But Hawking's AMA has a twist - the theoretical physics expert will take questions for just over a week until August 4th, and then provide answers over the course of the following weeks, making it one of the biggest AMAs in the sites history.

The talk is being put together by Nokia and Wired, nand will take place on Reddit's r/science forum.

Hawking has said he's interested in discussing artificial intelligence, particularly after voicing concerns about how humans can govern articial life forms, but admits he's happy to field a number of different questions.

Just don't ask him anything about One Direction.