It's up to everyone to keep Gladstone safe this party season

IT WAS Christmas Eve by the time it happened.

Shouts went up outside the Reef Hotel, then the sickening thud as Justin Whitfield's head hit the gutter.

This week, Gladstone District Court has already heard the witnesses' accounts of Mr Whitfield "flying through the air", and then lying, unconscious, on that 2011 morning.

They also heard disputed claims he had been holding a broken bottle.

Now a jury must decide what happened.

It's the second case in two weeks that focuses on drunken violence in our region.

Over the weekend, Gladstone Police leaders explained how they - along with community partners - were winning the war against aggressive drunks in our CBD.

But as our growing region gears up for what must be our biggest Christmas party season ever, relying on police to be in all the potential trouble spots isn't enough.

It's up to everyone to keep Gladstone safe.