STAY CALM: Yoga guru Pushpa Bakshi.
STAY CALM: Yoga guru Pushpa Bakshi. Contributed

Stay calm by creating space between impulse and action

LIFE moves at a fast pace, and that makes patience for most of us even harder to practice.

However, when we try to be patient we seem to get more anxious…does this ring a bell?

Yet, the ability to tolerate delay without getting upset is a must-have quality that contributes to our greater sense of well-being.

Patience creates feelings of peace and calm, as opposed to the anger and frustration that often arises with impatience.

And finding a way to be at ease mentally also help us develop techniques for combatting stress-related illnesses.

What are some ways we can train ourselves to become more patient?

What you really want to do is create more space between impulse and action.

Counting to 10 or even 100 really works for creating that space.

Deep breathing also works for that reason, just as we do the pranayama in Yoga.

When I am really triggered, I've got to take myself off the scene because I cannot physically stay and not lose it.

I leave for a moment and may not return.

And that is coming from myself who lives patience to the core.

Sometimes real events and life challenges can test us beyond anything we would ever think possible.

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