Queensland’s confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus have risen by nine overnight, taking the total to 974.
Queensland’s confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus have risen by nine overnight, taking the total to 974.

Miner tests positive as Qld virus cases inch closer to 1000

QUEENSLAND'S confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus have risen by nine overnight, taking the total to 974, with a worker from a Central Queensland coal mine among those testing positive.

Nine workers at a pharmacy at the Riverlink Shopping Centre in Ipswich are in quarantine after a colleague tested positive to the novel coronavirus.

Queensland Health said hygiene practices at the North Ipswich pharmacy and social distancing measures meant customers were considered to be low risk.

It was also confirmed today that a worker at a Blackwater coal mine tested positive to the pandemic coronavirus.

Other employees at the BHP Mitsubishi Alliance coal mine in Central Queensland who may have had contact with the infected worker have gone into isolation in line with health authority guidelines.

A BMA spokesperson said the infected worker, who is at home in Rockhampton, had not been at the Blackwater site since April 1 after using the BHP COVID-19 screening tool to self-assess their fitness to return to work.


"This is an encouraging example of our controls working to help reduce the risks of COVID-19 at our sites and in the communities in which we operate," the spokesperson said.

All workers on shift at the Bowen Basin mine overnight have undergone temperature testing by a paramedic with no abnormal temperatures returned.

"In line with our commitment to health and safety as our first priority, we will continue to work with local public health authorities and to reinforce strict social distancing, hygiene and cleaning practices to help Blackwater Mine remain a healthy and safe place to work," the spokesperson said.

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First critically ill patient leaves hospital

Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles said 28 people were currently being treated in the state's hospitals with COVID-19.

He said 12 people were in intensive care units, all of them on ventilators.

At a news conference in Brisbane today, Mr Miles announced measures that will allow pharmacists to be able to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine once one becomes available.

"Communities right across the state, everywhere in this state, will have very quick access to the vaccine when it comes," Mr Miles said.

"We are very confident that one day we will have a vaccine and it will be incredibly important that we get that vaccine out as quickly as we can.

"By using our network of community pharmacists that will be the fastest way to get that vaccine out to help keep our Queensland community safe."

The overnight increase in cases, represents a rise in infections of less than 1 per cent.

Mr Miles says just 77 people in the past seven days have tested positive to coronavirus in Queensland.

"We did 2149 tests overnight, considering that number of positive is just nine, that is a positive testing rate of just 0.42 over the last 24 hours, incredibly low by global standards," Mr Miles said.

"That is because of our social distancing efforts, they are working.

"We need to keep them up."

Mr Miles said about a third of those people who had contracted coronavirus in Queensland had recovered.

He also said restrictions were likely to be reviewed at the end of the month.

Originally published as State's virus cases inch closer to 1000