Bebe Rexha:
Bebe Rexha: "This is what 30 looks like."

Star stuns: ‘This is what 30 looks like’

Singer Bebe Rexha has shared a revealing photo with fans to mark her 30th birthday, weeks after publicly slamming a "male music executive" who told her she was "too old to be sexy".

Meant To Be singer Rexha is shown spreadeagled on a bathroom floor in the startling photo, topless and only wearing a G-string.

"This is what 30 looks like. Happy Birthday to me! Self love. Body positivity. Unapologetically me," she captioned the photo, posted across her social channels during her birthday yesterday.



The star's revealing pic comes after she revealed she had already battled music industry ageism as she approached her 30th birthday.

"I recently had a MALE music executive tell me that I was getting too old and that my brand was 'confusing'," the Rexha wrote in the caption, without naming the individual in question.

"Because … I'm a songwriter and I post sexy pics on my Instagram and that's not what female songwriters are (supposed) to do, especially for my age. I'm 29," Rexha - who turns 30 this month - added. "I'm fed up with being put in a box. I make my own rules. I'm tired of women getting labelled as 'hags' when they get old and guys get labelled as sexy with age."


She continued: "Anyways, I'm turning 30 on August 30 and you know what, I'm not running away from it. I'm not gonna lie about my age or sing songs that I feel will sell better because they sound 'younger'.

"I'm gonna celebrate my age because you know what, I'm wiser, I'm stronger and TRUST ME I'm a much better lover than I was 10 years ago," Rexha concluded the post.

In a follow-up tweet, Rexha made it clear that the accompanying photo was directed toward the unnamed executive. "Picture dedicated to the music executive who said I am too old to be sexy," she wrote.

Rexha revealed in an interview in June that she wasn't nervous about getting older.

"Dirty 30," the singer told People of her impending 30th. "You know, a lot of times women are meant to feel bad about turning 30, and I'm like, 'Honey, I am a better lover now than I was 10 years ago!'"

She added, "I'll f**k you so good, you don't even know, so don't even try!"

People reports Rexha grabbed her cleavage and said, "Don't make me feel bad about turning 30, because … Women - feel good about your age. You are amazing and you're perfect just the way you are!"

She later said with a chuckle, "My manager's going to kill me. But you know what, it's the truth!"