CHARITY WORK: Blue Care Auxiliary volunteer Judy Broome has retired after 29 years of community work there.
CHARITY WORK: Blue Care Auxiliary volunteer Judy Broome has retired after 29 years of community work there. Glen Porteous

Stalwart hangs up badge after 29 years

THERE was a tear in her eye when Judy Broome hung up her Blue Care Auxiliary badge for the last time after 29 years of volunteer work.

Caring about the community and the people in it encouraged Judy to start volunteering during 1989 and has been involved with the same community group.

"I first did it because my mother Jean Ford and grandmother Agnes Hamblin in Rockhampton needed Blue Care and I wanted to give something myself to help out," Judy said.

"It's definitely a good feeling doing things for other people and and making good friendships along the way."

Whether its sorting clothes, preparing morning teas or organising meetings, Judy was an integral part of the group.

Over the last 29 years, Judy has seen a lot of changes happen with the Gladstone community.

"The work we do has expanded because the ageing population has increased and other people in society needing our help," Judy said.

There was one serious area of concern for Judy about how society was treating second hand items.

"The amount of clothes people are dumping is a concern and we are becoming a throwaway society," she said.

"We need to be more frugal with our clothing because it does affect the environment and instead of throwing them out, maybe try to mend it and keep wearing the item."

Blue Care president Keith Davies said the time Judy put in for the group was invaluable and will be hard to replace.

"She's been a stalwart of the organisation, always had some morning tea for the men who were doing the heavy lifting of donated goods around the place," Keith said.

"The money we raise at Blue Care stays in the community and all the work Judy has done directly supported it."

Judy won't be sitting still with the extra time available and has plans to go abroad and see the world.

"I am going to travel to England for a White Christmas and stay with my granddaughter there," Judy said.

"My children and grandchildren are spread around the country and overseas, so I'm going to spend some time visiting them.