Georgia Staines and Mrs Karen Perrest. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
Georgia Staines and Mrs Karen Perrest. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer Mike Richards GLA050815EIST

Eisteddfod buzz builds as Karen prepares her students

THE eisteddfod is an important event for youth to revitalise their interest in performing.

That is the message from instrumental teacher and former eisteddfod competitor Karen Perrett.

Each year she tutors youth who are preparing for the Gladstone City Eisteddfod.

Her experience in playing instruments and performing is vital to young Gladstone musicians.

Ms Perrett competed in Gladstone Eisteddfods when she was in Years 5 to 12.

"I was always in the school band when I was younger; I would also do flute solos, duets and quartets. It was all about the flute for me," she said.

"The excitement and buzz of getting up on stage was the best feeling," she said.

This year she will donate a trophy that will be handed to the winner of the flute category of this year's eisteddfod.

Ironically, the last trophy presented for this award was donated by a woman who went to school with Ms Perrett and inspired her.

And she said her maiden name was listed on the previous trophy too.

"She was a woman who was older than me in school and I always looked up to her as a musician," she said.

For months Ms Perrett's students have prepared for the eisteddfod.

"I think the eisteddfod is great for the kids.

"Some of them can get a bit bored with the music and then something like this comes up and they get excited and start practicing more and it makes them more enthusiastic towards the music," she said.

Gladstone Eisteddfod

  • The Eisteddfod will run from September 3-25.
  • There are categories for instrumental, vocal, speech and drama and dance.