Police have recorded 94 offences in the Gladstone region in the past quarter.
Police have recorded 94 offences in the Gladstone region in the past quarter.

Spotlight on violence: Gladstone’s worst areas for assaults

A NIGHTCLUB owner said assaults would always be a part of Gladstone's nightlife, as shocking statistics revealed 94 violent offences were recorded in the past quarter.

MiePlace Nightclub owner Aodhan McCann said assaults were always going to happen on Goondoon St, with it being the region's number one nightspot.

"While people are using drugs, the crime rate including assaults will always be worse," Mr McCann said.

Gladstone Patrol Group Inspector Darren Somerville said the increase of assault offences in the past four months was "concerning".

Insp Somerville said the increase of offences mainly occurred in the Gladstone area however offences also occurred in Boyne Island and Tannum Sands.

"The incidents primarily involve assaults occasioning bodily harm offences, with a significant

number occurring on private premises," Insp Somerville said.

"To combat the number of assaults occurring, police in the Gladstone Patrol Group have been

tasked to investigate and solve assault complaints as a matter of priority."

In the past quarter alone, August 26 to November 25, police reported 94 assault related offences in the region including Boyne Island, Tannum Sands and Agnes Water.

Gladstone's main street was recorded as one of the worst streets for assault in the region.

Three assaults occurred on Goondoon Street, with a further five being reported around the corner at the police station on Yarroon Street.


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Insp Sommerville said, from experience, the timely investigation of assault complaints led to a reduction of offences.

"Police have also implemented a proactive operation involving general duties, road policing (traffic) and plain clothes officers to police good order offences in known problem areas," he said.

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"The Safe Night Precinct is also the subject of ongoing police operations. 

"While it is likely we will experience incidents involving assaults over the Christmas period, there is nothing to suggest from previous data that the number of assaults over this period is any higher than normal."

Insp Somerville said people could be assured all complaints would be dealt with if there was sufficient evidence.

"Offenders will find themselves before the courts," he said.

"Police would ask that everyone respect each other and resolve any form of conflict without resorting to violence."



Gladstone Central: 18

West Gladstone: 13

Boyne Island - Tannum Sands: 12

Calliope: 5

Agnes Water/1770: 5