Darck3ll is all about industrial groove fused with a heavy, dirty rock 'n' roll swagger.
Darck3ll is all about industrial groove fused with a heavy, dirty rock 'n' roll swagger. Photo Contributed

Spotlight on the dark ahead of Throwdown

DARKC3LL is just one of the many bands performing at the Harbourtown Throwdown on Saturday, October 4.

Vocalist Jesse Dracman chatted to Pulse ahead of their gig that is sure to draw in all of the metal fans in Gladstone.

Q. Who's in the band?

A. DARKC3LL is Jesse Dracman (vocals), Post Mortem Matt (guitars/electronics), Rit Derelict (bass) and Jay Macabre (drums).

Q. What's the band all about?

A. Spreading the darkness, and giving people the kind of excitement and energy our heroes and idols give us.

We're here to make powerful statements.

Q. What's your sound?

A. We're not fans of being pigeon-holed, but our sound contains elements of industrial groove, laced with stadium rock level hooks and a sprinkle of something provocative.

To some, we make hate sound fun; to all, we are four guys with a dream.

Q. What are some of your influences?

A. We have no shame in citing Marilyn Manson, Combichrist, Dope, Rob Zombie, Wednesday 13 among our many varied influences.

To be compared is a compliment for us, as we'd rather be compared to these guys, than just another of more of the same.

Q. How long have you been a group?

A. Close to two years. It's been a hell of a cool ride, and I couldn't think of a better balance of dudes.

Q. How was DARKC3LL created?

A. We initially had been a studio project between myself and Post Mortem Matt.

We wanted to write and record music which we could love to the grave.

Today we're creating album number three, we've toured Australia numerous times including touring with some of the world's best and as part of Soundwave.

We continue to push ourselves in every aspect of what we do.

Q. What's the band's ultimate goal?

A. To continue to create great music and share it with fans all over the world.

Q. Have you ever played at Gladstone?

A. Not yet, and we are extremely excited about our upcoming show.

Q. What are some career highlights?

A. Getting to tour with Wednesday 13, Otep, shows with Combichrist, Static-X and touring the country on a regular basis.

Soundwave 2014 will sit high on the charts.

Playing shows to thousands of people and seeing your heroes standing side stage is cool.

Having our music sit in top three on the iTunes charts more than once, seeing our videos on Channel V and hearing our music on Triple M, 4ZZZ and Triple J and radio in general is surreal.

Honestly, every opportunity we get is always a highlight.

Q. Have you guys had hiccups?

A. Every band deals with the hurdles and hiccups of being a band wanting to be heard.

It's being able to deal with every situation as a group and standing tall.

Q. Anything else?

A. We're four guys with a show as loud as our music and impossible to ignore.

Our hooks are infectious, as are our grooves.