Sportsmanship the winner as clubs join forces for race day

AS A lover of sport, I am often asked which is my favourite.

This is an inquiry that has always left me feeling bitter with myself if I give an answer of one sport over another.

It is a question I have always searched for an answer to.

As a hockey player, is it my favourite, even if I can't stand to watch it when I am not on the field?

I have never felt like one answer is the correct one.

I don't know if an early maturity has come over me (or if it is my body just feeling worn down and decrepit), or I have found an answer after all.

What makes me smile more than anything else in the sporting landscape is sportsmanship and genuinely nice acts coming from one or both sides of the court, net, paddock, peleton or, in this case, the barrier.

I am competitive, but it is refreshing to see one sport selflessly assisting another, especially when the outcome pays dividends for the wider community.

It is amazing to hear the Gladstone Turf Club is raising funds for Tannum Sands Surf Life Saving Club.

Congratulations all, another memorable moment in sport has been created, and not even in competition.

If we saw more of this in sport, everyone would win, and the outcome would create a great atmosphere.