Around 40 residents had their say at Conversations with Council at Boyne Tannum Community Centre
Around 40 residents had their say at Conversations with Council at Boyne Tannum Community Centre

IRRIGATION WOES: Sporting clubs facing uncertain future

PASSIONATE residents had their voices heard at Conversations with the council yesterday.

About 40 people met with Councillors Rick Hansen, PJ Sobhanian, Natalia Muszkat and Kahn Goodluck at Boyne Tannum Community Centre.

Leading discussions was the irrigation system servicing the Boyne Tannum golf, football, AFL and cricket clubs.

Since 2015, the Boyne Island Tannum Sands Golf Club have been trying to get the irrigation system replaced.

Councillor Kahn Goodluck said the council's original offer was for the club to pay 20 per cent of the replacement costs and council would pay the rest.

After further negotiation, the council offered to cover 100 per cent of the costs but the golf club would have to maintain the system.

Councillor Natalia Muszkat said the councillors were told the golf club could not agree to the offer because of the uncertainty of ongoing maintenance and running costs.

Further negotiations led Gladstone Regional Council to vote on a motion on April 16.

GRC resolved not to contribute to a replacement irrigation system.

In favour of the motion were Crs Burnett, Trevor, O'Grady, Churchill, Muszkat, Masters and Hansen.

Against the motion were Crs Sobhanian and Goodluck.

BITS Golf Club member Des Powell said the council needed to rescind the resolution and start again in order to meet their legal obligations.

"Under the lease with the golf club it says (council) must repair and maintain the irrigation system," Mr Powell said.

He said when the lease was negotiated, the club thought it would have a fully working irrigation system for the period of the lease.

"It broke down in 2015 and has only been half working since," Mr Powell said.

Mr Powell said the golf club is only a small part of the facility affected by the irrigation issues and encouraged other clubs to get more involved.

Cr Muszkat said all nine councillors would arrange another meeting with the clubs to negotiate a solution for the irrigation system issues.

Cr Goodluck apologised on behalf of Mayor Burnett who had other engagements.