Speed limit is reduced at Dawson Hwy roadworks

FOLLOWING Tuesday's article about the dangers at roadworks on the Dawson Hwy, the contractors have reduced the speed limit to 40kmh on the site.

This is to reduce the danger created by the dip in the road.

The contractors have also closed off access to the side road, which leads to the Beecher Estate opposite Brendonna Rd.

The contractor has also arranged for increased police presence near the site to ensure the speed limit is adhered to, as speeding vehicles - especially large trucks - have been a major problem in the area, creating an added hazard for motorists.

Project manager Ian Fawkes said major delays had been created because of a shortage of gravel from the quarry, and also the location of a considerable amount of underground water.

The project is expected to be completed before Christmas.

A section of the new road will receive its coat of asphalt surfacing on Monday next week.