KEEPING UP WITH TRADITION: Mitchell Haidley and daughter Isabella on her first day of prep.
KEEPING UP WITH TRADITION: Mitchell Haidley and daughter Isabella on her first day of prep.

Special family tradition spans back five generations

IT WAS a surreal moment for Isabella Haidley's father Mitchell when he dropped her off for her first day of prep at Warwick East State School.

Twenty-two years after his own first day at East, Mr Haidley said he saw lots of humour in sending his daughter to the school he and many members of his family went to.

'Yeah it's something that has made me and Isabella laugh, she brings it up to her Grandad, Cameron Haidley a lot," he said.

Isabella is the fifth generation to go to primary at Warwick East, a tradition that begun with her great, great grandmother, Greta Magarry, nee Mason.

The tradition continued with Greta's daughter Heather Haidley, Heather's son Cameron and then his son Mitchell, and now Mitchell's daughter Isabella.

While the look of the school has changed, Mr Haidley said he was recognised instantly by former teachers.

"Isabella's teacher was actually my Year 2 teacher, Heather Moore" he said.

"It was a bit funny, we walked into school and she knew who I was straight away."

Mr Haidley said it was comforting to know his daughter would be in good hands.

The family ties go deeper as Mitchell's mother Lyndal Haidley used to be a teacher aide at the school.

"I think East was always an option, but it kind of just happened, I've never left Warwick so it just seemed like the logical choice, but it's nice to keep family tradition," he said.

Mr Haidley said he had no doubt Isabella would settle easily into school.

"It's comforting that I know about her teachers and when we dropped her off on day one she said goodbye she was pretty fine with us leaving," he said.

"I was school captain in Year 7, so it would give me a real laugh if she ended up being one too."