Spark from pump ignites Upton Rd blaze

FIREFIGHTERS are battling a fire in Upton Rd, Beecher that was caused by a spark from a water pump.

Authorities are warning residents about the potential for power tools and farm machinery to start a blaze.

Gladstone Fire and Rescue Service station officer Wayne Parry said the Beecher fire was accidental and people needed to be aware of risks.

"Firefighters are also battling a fire in Yeppoon that was started by a Bobcat," he said.

Mr Parry said people operating machinery needed to be aware of the area they worked in.

"If you're working in long grass, watch out for the exhaust from internal combustion engines as it is hot," he said.

Mr Parry also advised people not to leave an engine idling without supervision.

"If you leave your mower going on long grass and go in for a drink, you could come out and find that there is a fire and your mower damaged," he said.

Rural Fire Service Queensland Central Regional manager Brian Smith said there were no current fire bans in place, but people should take extreme care when using machinery.

"While undertaking any activity that may spark a fire, members of the community need to ensure they have appropriate resources to put out a fire if one starts.

"People could be liable for any damage a fire may cause," he said.

"If you have to use machinery during dry conditions, have someone available to watch closely for ignitions."