Sourcing locally more crucial as jobs dry up

BUY LOCAL/OPINION: As industry projects begin to settle into operational mode and job opportunities become scarcer, it is important, now more than ever, that all businesses in the Gladstone region buy locally.

In particular, larger companies in town need to be looking to local businesses as prospects for contracts, supporting local employment.

As projects become easily manageable for the small businesses in town, with a more controllable volume of work, buying locally will be a much more desirable prospect for larger companies.

In order to achieve this, the industrial companies and council may need to revise their buy local policies to ensure that considerable preference is put towards locally situated and operated businesses.

On the other hand, small-to-medium businesses need to work on competitive pricing, quality tender documentation and ensuring they know their place in the supply chain.

We are fortunate in Gladstone to be better off than many other regional communities and should therefore make the most of it by encouraging procurement for local businesses - big and small.

We all need to play a part in driving the local economy to ensure we continue to have a vibrant and sustainable region for years to come.

This month's network meeting is being hosted by QAL, where chamber members will be taken on a guided tour and later have the opportunity to talk to the staff responsible for procurement.

The network meetings provide a great platform for small and medium businesses to understand what big businesses are after.

If you would like more information on this month's network meeting, contact the chamber on 4978 7800 or visit the website at