Some crims are slow to learn from cooking lessons

I CAN'T speak for Gladstone police Criminal Investigation Bureau, but my personal highlight of our region's latest police versus drug dealers battle came in July this year.

"Meth lab dumped in Chapple St bin" screamed The Observer's headline.

And it certainly seemed like good progress - drug producers apparently running so scared of the crackdown, they'd abandoned their lab in a skip.

Of course, our local drug lords aren't known for their genius.

More recently we've seen police raid the same house twice in two months - and both times, the residents were allegedly found cooking meth.

These tales of dumb and dumber drug crims seem to pale in comparison to the CIB's latest discovery - synthetic marijuana being mailed to Gladstone in the post.

Long may Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Peachey and his CIB keep winning their war on the region's drug trade.

And let's hope they can catch the smart dealers, too.