Some jobs are better left to the experts

MOST people who know me will know that I'm a bit of a DIY freak.

Well, freak might be taking things a bit far, but I love DIY repair projects.

That's not to say I'd get out there and build a house, but if there's something to be fixed I'll give it a go.

Some will remember the dunny story I told a few months ago where I pulled out the whole thing from the floor to clear a blockage created by one of those plastic things that we use to hold the smelly stuff.

I found out from a bloke a few days later that the plumber has a much easier way to do that job - with a bent coat hanger.

But I also know when it's time for me to say "this one needs to be left to the experts".

Which brings me to a recent experience.

I'm prepared to give anything a go on a car, because I'm fairly handy when it comes to my favourite toys.

However, there are some things, once again, where I'll draw the line.

We own a 2003 Ford Falcon. It's a cool car - an XR6 turbo, which means it gets up and goes.

Just recently I had noticed that the hood lining (I think you guys call it a roof lining) started to part company from the foam above it.

It got to the point where it was starting to annoy as it touched the top of my head.

I looked at this problem from a number of angles such as: I wonder whether I could cut a tiny hole and spray some contact adhesive into the space and then just push it up?

But then I decided I'd probably end up with a pile of creases and totally stuff it up. So, it was one for the experts.

A trip along Hanson Rd soon found me driving into Warren Kemble's workshop.

"BA," he said. "Done heaps of them. They tend to sag after 10 or so years".

And so the following morning I dropped the car off with Warren and picked it up at lunchtime, with a fantastic new hood lining which looked as good, if not better than when it came out of the factory.

Thanks heaps, Warren. An expert doing a great job.