Houses around Calliope.
Houses around Calliope. Tom Huntley

Softening of prices in Calliope due to supply and demand

THE issue of affordable housing in Gladstone continues to burden many residents on lower incomes, a recent study by Anglicare Central Queensland indicates.

The study highlights Gladstone as advertising the most expensive rental properties in central Queensland.

As a result, are Gladstone tenants searching for lower priced housing in out-of-city suburbs?

The 2013 Anglicare Australia Rental Affordability Snapshot study indicated that Gladstone advertised rental prices were higher than advertised rentals in Metropolitan Brisbane, which averaged $155 per week.

Anglicare central Queensland CEO Suzie Christensen said the Snapshot findings showed low income renters simply cannot afford to live in Gladstone or Emerald where rents are significantly higher than median rents in metropolitan Brisbane.

Median house rental in Gladstone since 2012 has, however, declined by $50 per week to $600.

The study also showed the median rent for units and flats in the same town rose by $100 per week to $550 per week.

LJ Hooker Calliope principal Andrea Philips said she can only speak for the Calliope region but said they have had a softening of prices to do with supply and demand.

"I can still appreciate even our lower rents are more than what some people can afford though.

"But we don't set it, it's what the market dictates," she explained.

Ms Philips said while they are sensing a distinctive slow down in the amount of people looking for rentals, there would probably be more families looking at moving to out-of-city suburbs like Calliope.

"I wouldn't say we have been inundated but there have been more enquiries," she said.

In comparison to Gladstone city, Calliope shows a fair difference in rental prices.

Ms Philips said Calliope is about $50 a week cheaper than in town.

"We have some four bedroom, two bathroom homes for $600 a week.

"We also have units between $450 and $500 for three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms."

Calliope Real Estate principal Alistair McLachlan said he wouldn't say more people are looking to rent and settle in Calliope, compared to last year.

"One of the drawbacks is the work on the cross road intersection.

"The delay in the traffic has been detrimental to renting homes in Calliope."