Community Advocate goes behind-the-scene on social media

IN this week's Community Advocate reporter Kara Irving goes behind the scenes of the region's favourite Facebook pages.

At time of print, Gladstone Classifieds had an incredible 17,612 members.

One of the network's administrators said that there's plenty of drama on the page.

She said she hadn't watched a soap opera since taking over the job.

We also look at the psychology behind what can often become an addiction to social media.

Meet our cover boy Michael Traffard, 32, who's using pedal power to combat poverty.

Michael's set to ride a BMX from Emerald to Gladstone starting July 7.

It's part of a campaign to draw awareness of global poverty.

Felicia Lloyd from Community Arts on Goondoon tells us what's happening in the creative world.

Gail Sellers keeps us updated in A Minute with the Mayor.

And instructor Candita Hamblin answers your road-rule questions in Everyday Driving.

Enjoy the edition!

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