WATCH: Snake catcher's video busts deadly myth about species

A GLADSTONE snake catcher has busted a deadly myth that has misled many to think venomous snakes cannot climb.

Kris Foster published a video this week to social media showing a one-metre long eastern brown snake slithering up a shed at his workplace at the Callemondah industrial estate.

The video, viewed almost 3000 times, was the latest attempt to educate people about snakes by the owner of Feral Trapping Solutions Queensland.

Mr Foster said contrary to what many believe, venomous snakes can climb.

"When I saw it I thought I have to video this, it's not something you see every day, and lots of people believe that venomous snakes can't climb," he said.

"It's an old wives tale from people who knew nothing about snakes, and unfortunately, others believe it.

"If, through educating someone, I can save them from getting bitten by a snake then I'm over the moon with that," he said.

He said eastern browns, death adders, pale-headed and Stephens banded were all venomous snake species that can climb.

"While it's not common behaviour for browns, because they do spend most of their time on the ground, it does happen," he said.

Mr Foster said myths about snake activity put people in danger.

He said other myths included placing a bowl of milk outside attracted snakes and if a snake bite bleeds it means it was from a non-venomous species.

The use of social media and Facebook groups have worryingly spread some myths and incorrect identifications of snakes, Mr Foster said.

"If you get bitten apply first aid and seek medical assistance as soon as possible," he said.

"Let the doctors, the experts figure out if it was venomous or not.

"Don't go off a friend's identification, because there are so many people who really have no idea how to identify snakes."