An Eastern Brown snake. With the flood waters receding and cleanups underway, residents are being warned to be alert to increased numbers of snakes.
An Eastern Brown snake. With the flood waters receding and cleanups underway, residents are being warned to be alert to increased numbers of snakes. Jacinta Cummins

Snake bite victim dies

NARELLE Pails loved life and her kids, said family friend Paul Morris.

Mr Morris said he knew Mrs Pails, husband Paul, son Nick and daughter Emma through their long association with the Wattles Rugby League Club.

The 42-year-old Wheatvale resident died suddenly after being bitten by a snake on November 2 and Mr Morris said it was a sad and shocking loss for the family and the rest of the community.

"They are a great family and she was great a person and she will be sadly missed, I'll tell you that," Mr Morris said.

Mr Morris described Mrs Pails - who he had known for about seven years - as a lovely person, totally dedicated her children.

He said he and his family had become close to the Pails, having similar-aged children.

"Actually in the middle week of the last school holidays her (son) Nicholas and my (son) Nicholas played football together in Bundaberg," Mr Morris said.

"Paul and Relle stayed in the room next to us up there in Bundaberg and we had a great time.

"Her daughter is studying teaching at university and my daughter is studying nursing and they get in the car and drive down there together."

Mr Morris said Mrs Pails was a hands-on parent and attended her son's football games and regularly helped out within the club.

"She was very supportive and a keen volunteer of the club and filled her role in the canteen when she was rostered on," he said.

"She was very much the rock in the family; she was a very strong person.

"She was always happy and always very welcoming and friendly. She loved life and she loved her children."

Mr Morris said the whole football community would reach out to the family and offer their support.

"We just feel deeply sorry for the situation and feel like wish we could do more for them," he said.

"We would offer any support we are asked for; if they need anything they just have to ask.

"It's not just Warwick this affects, it's down Allora and Clifton way and a lot of people down this way will be feeling it. We are big family and when something goes wrong we all look after each other."

One of the Pails' nearest neighbours, Joanna Cuskelly, said Mrs Pails was a "very kind and giving person" who showed her generosity through welcoming new people to the Wheatvale community.

"She came over to us the first day we moved to Wheatvale with a plate of food and invited us to her home that weekend for a barbecue, which we attended" Mrs Cuskelly said.

The Wheatvale community will hold a minute's silence at the opening of the new school hall in honour of Mrs Pails.

Mrs Pails is the daughter of Ron and Val Shelley of Freestone.

She worked as a nurse at the Warwick Hospital - where she was taken by paramedics on the Wednesday night.

Details of how many times Mrs Pails had been bitten by the snake or exactly what kind it was had not been released.

It is understood 15-year-old son Nicholas called emergency services.

A spokeswoman from Queensland Ambulance Service confirmed the Warwick crew was called to a property 16km west of Warwick at 4.50pm.

Mrs Pails was in critical condition when she was raced to the Warwick Hospital and was given antivenom but died at 7.05pm.