Spy cracks it at the state of some rubbish bins.
Spy cracks it at the state of some rubbish bins.

Smelly rubbish disease risk

DISGRACEFUL is one of the kindest words truckies have used to describe acts by others who leave rubbish overflowing at rest area bins.

Some of the other descriptions can't be published such in a family publication as Big Rigs but you get the drift.

During my travels through New South Wales and southern Queensland recently, I came across scores of rest areas at which the public bins were overflowing.

That included bottles, some smashed resulting in lots of broken glass, rotting fruit, food scraps and lots of other material.

Some were infested with maggots or attracted flies or big rats.

During a stop for a call of nature at one rest area public toilet, beside the Sydney to Canberra Highway, a kombi van pulled up and the tourists emptied their rubbish into a bin.

Most of it was takeaway food scraps which dropped onto the ground.

The chances of picking up some disease near such a bin would have been high.

A truckie who told one lot of people they should at least place rubbish inside the public bin, got a mouthful.

There is a genuine shortage of rest areas around Oz with truckie- friendly facilities so these grubs who leave rubbish only add to the angst for our drivers.