Small changes can have big outcomes for a business

I WAS interested to hear this week that a number of Gladstone outlets are among the top-earning stores within the franchise on a national scale.

So why, while some local retailers are struggling to make ends meet, are others smashing monthly projections?

Some suggest it's because the busy business is part of a larger corporation with a huge marketing budget, or because the outlet is in a precinct with high walk-through traffic.

Although this may support the franchise, there are still franchises not going so well despite the location and recognisable branding.

A Buy Local member with business marketing experience suggests store management may be the key, with the basic steps to success being spending more time with customers, analysing performance indicators and refreshing store layout.

Once again, I stress that great customer service is essential for business success. Spend time getting to know the customer's needs and providing sales expertise to meet these needs.

Analyse performance indicators by looking at the store's busy and quiet times, and what type/demographic of customer is in the store at that time, and then figuring out how to market specifically to that target group.

Refreshing the store layout, or change in general, is a great way to gain the attention of customers.

Recently my company took time to update our image with new colours and corporate photos.

This fresh appearance provided the motivation to revamp old documents and reinvent marketing strategies, as well as giving staff some newfound energy.

My advice to business owners and managers is to take a step back.

Take 10 minutes to talk to staff about each improving one thing in customer service, look at your business performance indicators and again pick one thing that could improve; and reinvent something in the business.

Change doesn't have to be big, but the outcomes can be.