Jessica McKim-Hill.
Jessica McKim-Hill. Matt Taylor GLA110319EPIC

Skater overcame injury setback to get rolling for Epic Scrim

ROLLER DERBY: She's one of the more experienced campaigners in the sport and Jessica Mckim-Hill is keen to make most after early setbacks.

The Observer gets an insight what makes her tick ahead of Epic Scrim on Saturday night at Gladstone's PCYC.

When did you start: Four years ago.

Nickname: Criminal Jesstice or Crim.

Highlights: Watching my husband Brett play in the men's roller derby nationals.

Lowlights: Injured my knee in my first year and had to watch Epic Scrim with a brace on.

What drew you to the sport? Hubby has always been a skater and helped train the Hustlers in the early years.

What do you hope to get out of it? Watching my kids Kyla 'Woundicorn', Malia 'Teddy Scare' and Bella 'Boo' progress from the kids' Hornets team to the adult teams.