Ducks from Forest Glen have been removed by Gladstone Regional Council. Contributed.
Ducks from Forest Glen have been removed by Gladstone Regional Council. Contributed.

YOUR STORY: Council's sitting duck approach to feral animals

THE duck removal from Forrest Glen was not really an urgent environmental priority.

Although they are an introduced animal, their impact of native flora and fauna in that small waterway is small.

There are benefits of those ducks there too - people take their children and grandchildren there to feed them, so they are getting outdoors and interacting with people and animals instead of sitting in front of a screen.


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If the GRC was serious about the removal of feral animals they would start with the stray cats, foxes and wild dogs that plague the area.

The 25 Forrest Glen ducks will do very limited damage compared to 25 feral cats.

Feral cats have been recorded killing up to 15 animals per individual a night.

Cats do not kill just for food, they thrill kill.

Any night of the week if you walk up Goondoon St you will observe countless cats. None have collars so I can only assume that they are strays. A trapping program would dramatically reduce cat numbers in areas that they are in large numbers - Goondoon St, Curtis Island, Gladstone dump, Benaraby landfill, the marina and schools.

Because of the damage I have found from feral animals around the region and further afield in state forests and national parks as far north as Mareeba, I have started my own business trapping and destroying feral animals. I have seen firsthand the damage these animals do, not just to native animals, but also to domestic pets and stock.

I have recently viewed a cattle dog that had its chest cavity ripped open and was left to die, calves pulled out of cows during birth and in the last few years until recently pets killed that made the Gladstone Observer and Seven News in the Livingstone shire council.