The intersection of Roderick and Gordon sts was blocked off after the sinkhole appeared about midday.
The intersection of Roderick and Gordon sts was blocked off after the sinkhole appeared about midday. Claudia Baxter

Our sinking streets

A BROKEN stormwater drain beneath one of Ipswich's major connecting streets has led to yet another gaping hole.

It may not have looked much on first inspection, but a quick peek inside the opening in Roderick St revealed a rather large headache for Ipswich City Council.

Infrastructure spokeswoman Cheryl Bromage said the hole was not on the scale of similar sinkholes in Brisbane St.

"It's a very minor hole if you compare it to what has happened previously," she said.

A much larger sinkhole occurred on the corner of East St and Limestone St in March 2009.

Cr Bromage said the collapsed storm drain may have been one of the city's original drains.

"It's very old infrastructure there.

"It's hard to tell but from what we've seen it does look like an original (storm water drain)."

According to the Ipswich City Council the hole was created by a stormwater drain, believed to be one of the oldest in the city, which collapsed after the rain on Sunday afternoon.

The storm saw nearly 30mm fall in less than half an hour.

A council spokesman said the amount of rain falling in such a short period of time appeared to have been too much for the aging storm drain.

The intersection of Roderick and Gordon Sts was closed on Tuesday as the council moved to excavate the area and repair the broken drain.

Detours around the site were established just after midday on Tuesday.

Cr Bromage said she had been advised the intersection would be reopened by noon on Wednesday.

"Only one lane has been affected, so they just need to repair and dig up that part.

"It's quite a small area so it shouldn't take too long to repair."

She said other parts of the drain wouldn't be replaced at this stage.

The latest sinkhole has pointed to Ipswich's ageing water infrastructure.

In an unrelated incident a man was reported to have fallen into a pothole on Brisbane St near the ongoing repairs of a water main.