Single tweet shocks basketball world


We keep thinking there's no way 2020 could get any weirder than it has already been, but the surprises keep on coming.

The latest occurrence has left NBA fans questioning everything they thought they knew about one media personality.

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Skip Bayless has made a living both on the airwaves and on social media by finding any minute detail to bring arguably the greatest player of all time, LeBron James, down.

From James passing to a teammate in the clutch, to him looking tired during a game. There was no depths Bayless wouldn't plunge to stick the knife into James' game.

But on Monday during the Los Angeles Lakers' second game against the Houston Rockets, Bayless left jaws on the floor with his latest take.

For the first time, Bayless wasn't taking down James … instead he was praising his efforts.

The unbelievable tweet, a backflip on anything he has said in the past, led many to believe Bayless had been hacked.

"I can't believe my eyes," Arjun Pradeep wrote.

"Uh oh … did he just do what I think he did?" Sports anchor Jack Wascher wrote.

Of course Bayless followed up shortly after and said although James had "set the tone" it was the Rockets lacklustre offence that was the real reason for the Lakers claiming the 117-109 win to level the series up at 1-1.

Anything can happen in 2020, but we never in a million years thought we'd see the day when Skip Bayless delivered a compliment to LeBron James.

The Lakers and Rockets will lock horns in Game 3 on Wednesday at 11am (AEST), don't expect any glowing praise from the hot take artist this time around.

Originally published as Single tweet shocks basketball world