Gladstone singer Hayley Marsten.
Gladstone singer Hayley Marsten. Mike Richards

Have a coffee with... singer Hayley Marsten

THIS week we have a coffee with singer Hayley Marsten.

I prefer tea over coffee. I like an iced tea and I'm a regular at Gloria Jeans.

On a Saturday afternoon you can find me napping! Every weekend is different. Last weekend I was at a Taylor Swift concert, the weekend before I had my own show. If it's not music, I'm probably napping.

My guiltiest pleasure is being the biggest closet fan of One Direction. You'll understand once you watch their movie.

When I was young, my dream was to be a musician. There was a slight dalliance in being a hairdresser but it's always been music.

I can't remember the last time I went to the gym. Gyms scare me - everyone knows what they're doing and I'm like,  'What's a treadmill?'

When I leave the NightOwl car park I turn the naughty way if I'm in a rush and nobody's behind me, but otherwise I'll go left.

I would consider musician Loretta Lynn to be my hero - she paved the way for women to be feisty in country music. And my mum.

Jennifer Lawrence would play me in a movie about my life. She's so funny. I watch videos of her and I think we'd be great friends.

My first order of business as newly-elected PM would be to give more funding to the arts.

I play five instruments - but Aladdin's A Whole New World on the kazoo is amazing!

When I go out in Gladstone you'll find me at the movies.

When I feel like splurging I don't because I'm a student, but sometimes I might buy an iTunes card for $20.