Ben Simmons was in the thick of the action.
Ben Simmons was in the thick of the action.

Simmons’ ‘chokehold’ in wild NBA brawl

Australian basketballer Ben Simmons was involved in a massive brawl during Thursday's NBA match between his Philadelphia 76ers and the Minnesota Timberwolves as the clash descended into chaos.

A bench-clearing brawl erupted in the third quarter, instigated by 76ers centre Joel Embiid and Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns.

Simmons was one of the first to assist Embiid, clasping Towns on the floor in what many viewers on Twitter described as a "chokehold".

Embiid and Towns were both ejected from the match because of the wild scenes that had the crowd going crazy.

Embiid received a standing ovation from the home crowd as he exited the court.

The 76ers were leading 75-55 in the third quarter when the brawl began and Simmons was right in the thick of the action.

He and Towns are reportedly friends, so there's a chance Simmons may not have been taking his wrestling moves as seriously as it looked. However, the Timberwolves' main man didn't seem to see the funny side of being held on the ground as an official tried to get Simmons to release.


Ben Simmons was in the thick of the action.
Ben Simmons was in the thick of the action.


Dramatic scenes erupted.
Dramatic scenes erupted.



Embiid wasn't apologetic at all, revving up fans as he headed down the tunnel.

However, not everyone was getting behind the All Star. Towns' parents were in the stands and they gave the Sixers star a piece of their mind as he left the court.





Earlier in the contest Simmons accidentally directed some friendly fire at his 76ers teammates.

In the fourth minute, Simmons aimed a pass at Embiid. An unsuspecting Embiid clocked the pass directly in the face, briefly recoiling in disorientation.

The humorous incident would have been less alarming if not for Embiid's history of injury - in 2018, the Cameroonian wore a facial mask during gametime after suffering an orbital fracture to the eye.



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