Don't believe the crocodile sightings? Go take a dip

"DON'T be silly, there's nothing there."

My father would come to regret telling my older sister to be quiet, and not least because she has never let him forget the 'crocodile incident', even though it's been over a decade.

Our family was out for a boat trip and my dad had beached the tinny on the gravel bank just downstream of the Benaraby Road Bridge when my sister spotted the creature.

Scrambling into the tiny vessel meant a wallet was lost along the way, but apart from that we were away from the area as quick as the motor could handle.

We were quite lucky considering there were a number of croc sightings that followed soon after.

I remember with clarity being given advice at a primary school parade on what to do if you came across a croc, after a monster had been seen having a sunbake on a public path.

As a short child with no great tree climbing ability, I had held onto the advice to run zigzag with zeal for a considerable amount of time. You can imagine my complete outrage when I found out this was bogus.

Over the years family friends have seen nests at Beecher and crocs getting cosy on Wild Cattle Island - please note these sightings happened while sober.

My personal opinion on the overpopulation of crocodiles is anything but green - barbecue while wearing new shoes anyone?

That's why I'm not impressed with the fly-ins, who idiotically believe the animals would never be this far south (*ahem* Mary River), and complain every time The Observer runs a story about a sighting.

The most recent warning the paper reported on was sounded after a crocodile was sighted last Friday near the Boyne River Bridge.

As a local who lives along that river I like to know when to be more aware of my surroundings, so I can avoid any lightning-fast ambushes.

So if you're one of the whingers - please shut your trap or feel free to go for a swim.