Kirra McLoughlin.
Kirra McLoughlin.

Kirra's partner confessed to attacking her, inquest hears

THE de facto partner of Kirra McLoughlin at the time of her July 2014 death admitted he had attacked her "in a violent rage" the night she suffered critical brain injuries, an inquest has been told.


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Those allegations came from another woman who was in an interstate relationship with Ms McLoughlin's partner when she gave evidence on the final day of the coronial inquest into her death in Gympie today.

Kirra McLoughlin, who died in shocking circumstances on Beenham Valley Road six years ago.
Kirra McLoughlin, who died in shocking circumstances on Beenham Valley Road six years ago.

The woman told the court her boyfriend had confessed to shaking Ms McLoughlin's head against either the floor or wall of her Beenham Valley Rd home at some point between late at night on July 16, and early the next morning.

She said the man did not show her how he had shook Ms McLoughlin, just that he was "in a violent rage" and indicated he had shaken her more than once.

She could not recall whether the man had told her if he had shaken Ms McLoughlin against a wall or a floor.

When pressed by one lawyer on why she could not remember the specifics of the revelation, the woman doubled down and said she knew there had been a physical altercation and that the man had struck her head against either a wall or floor.

The man allegedly told the woman Ms McLoughlin was "fine" after that incident, and that they had made love and gone to sleep afterwards. He did not tell her Ms McLoughlin had lost consciousness.

Kirra McLoughlin.
Kirra McLoughlin.

He told her he had woken up early on the morning of July 17 and noticed Ms McLoughlin had urinated on herself, and when he was unable to wake her up he took off all her clothes and put her in the shower.

The man allegedly told her he had called someone else and asked them what to do, before eventually calling an ambulance that would later rush Ms McLoughlin to Gympie Hospital.

The woman told the court of a number of alleged instances of sexual assault and domestic violence during her relationship with Ms McLoughlin's former partner.

She said the man would cry "all the time" when talking about Ms McLoughlin.

The court previously heard Ms McLoughlin's body had 105 bruises or signs of injury according to a 27-page autopsy report conducted after she died in the Gold Coast University Hospital on July 18, 2014.

Her cause of death was recorded as a traumatic brain injury.

The inquest has been adjourned to an unspecified date, and Ms McLoughlin's then-partner will not give evidence until then.

More to come.